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PADI Scuba Diving Courses

Samui Scuba Divers offer PADI scuba diving courses from the first level, PADI Scuba Diver, all the way up to PADI Divemaster. If you are short on time on your holiday here in Koh Samui then the PADI Discover Scuba Diving, which is a one day experience, may be just the thing for you.

What course are you looking for? Below are all the programs available in the PADI system of education. Some courses cannot be taught on our tropical paradise, such as Ice Diving, but many of the programs are available, once you have found what you are looking for click on it to find out more information.

PADI Continuing Education Flow Chart

DSDOpen Water DiverScuba DiverAdventure DiverAOW DiverRescue DiverSpecialty DiverSpecialty Diver post OWSpecialty Diver post AdventureSpecialty Diver post AOWAWARE Fish IdDeep DiverDUP SnrklDUP DiverEnriched Air NitroxProject AWAREUnderwater NavigatorPADI ReActivate™PADINot Available 1Not Available 2