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Nangyuan Pinnacle

Nangyuan Pinnacle starts at 1 meter and goes down to 20 meters, at the main pinnacle you will find array of marine life. Then there’s a short swim across the sand where you will see gobies along with their house maids the cleaner shrimps. You will find a nice swim through with lots of boulder formation to the east of the main pinnacle where you will see parrot fish, wrasse, butterfly fish and angel fish to name but a few.

We do one dive here then after lunch choose a different dive site and return back to Koh Samui about 3.30pm.

  • Depth 5m – 20m
  • Rating Intermediate
  • Currents: Mild
We visit Koh Tao and Sail Rock at least three times a week, with one day a week left flexible for the destination.

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays we normally visit Koh Tao

Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays we normally visit Sail Rock

Wednesdays are our flexible day visiting Ang Thong Marine Park, Koh Tao or Sail Rock

  • All required equipment
  • Transfer to and from your resort
  • Coffee or tea and a light breakfast in the morning
  • Lunch & refreshments on the boat
  • PADI Professional Dive Guide
  • Maximum group size 4 customers to 1 guide
As always, there is a price to pay to go diving. Our prices depend on the destination.

Ang Thong Marine Park2 Dives4,500 THB per person
Koh Tao2 Dives4,700 THB per person
Koh Tao – 1st Dive Chumphon Pinnacle2 Dives5,000 THB per person
Koh Tao – 1st Dive HTMS Sattakut Wreck2 Dives5,000 THB per person
Sail Rock2 Dives4,400 THB per person

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